video textures not work inside p3d

Only first frame of any video texture is shown when running your program as a p3d file, when the same program shows the video texture fine as an exe or py.

What is with everything with .p3d? :confused:

What can be done?

As far as I know, video textures should work inside a p3d. Are you sure the texture itself got packed within the p3d file? Usually you have to add the movie files explicitly (or at least explicitly name the movie filename extension you’re using).


I’m sure otherwise I wouldn’t even see the first frame and just get a crash from missing file.

I’m guessing it has been packed with compression which causes seeking not to work correctly. You should try using “-n avi” or whatever the extension of your video file is as argument to packp3d.

I had that problem before and posted the solution to it.
It is exactly what rdb said. When packing make sure to exclude the extension of your movie file from compression.
What I do, is that i remove all movies from the source folder when packing and add them back later.
I do not want my music and movies added inside the p3d file.