video avi mpg error

this is my code:

def knocklib(self):
                #self.libinfo = DirectButton(image  = "info/lib_info.jpg",command=self.remvLib)
                myObjcet = loader.loadModel("ych_dev/GroundFloor/wall/w1")

after click on an object, knocklib will be the event carried out.
compiler said:
TypeError: NodePath::set_texture() argument 1 must be Texture, not NoneType

That means the loadTexture() call failed, and returned None. Did you see any error messages go by, something along the lines of “cannot find file ych_dev/bleach.avi” or maybe something like “unknown codec in bleach.avi”?

Can you pview bleach.avi?


when i pview it, only grey backgrounds were shown.

You didn’t type the complete filename. Type “pview bleach.avi”, not “pview bleach”. Do you see the error message “Couldn’t load file bleach; not found on model path”? This means you typed the wrong filename.


its the same, i even type pview and space and then press tab key to prevent type wrong name, but still it displays empty grey window. Ya, i received “unable to load Bleach.avi”.
Is it possible that my display card is not supported?

Is there anyone who has successfully display a video in panda3D world?
What graphic card are you using?
Else, anyone of you can help me out on executing web browser in panda3D… (using python? using CGI?) to play a video frm the browser?

It works fine for me.

This has nothing to do with your graphics card, though it is true that certain avi files may not be supported by the FFMpeg library we use. Try a different avi file or an mpg file.

Also, pay particular attention to the error message. “Unable to load bleach.avi” is a different message than “not found on model path”. If you see the “not found model path” error message, as shown in your screenshot, it means you still haven’t figured out the correct filename.

Be sure you type the filename exactly, and completely, and if it is not in the same directory that you are running, be sure you type the full path to the filename.