Very low framerate on Windows 10 wrt to Ubuntu

Hi all,

I mainly developing on Linux-based OS. I’m using Panda3d to display a model composed of a few .dae meshes, with a custom skybox and basic tessellated ground plane. Everything runs perfectly smooth on Ubuntu, at about 250 FPS for a single model, and at about 30 FPS when duplicating the model about 500 times on the scene. On the contrary, if I run the exact same code on Windows, it runs at about 22 FPS even with a single model… And yes, I have specified ‘load-display pandagl’ and my GPU driver is up-to-date. I’m using a laptop with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 MAX-Q.

Thank you in advance !

Perhaps the driver uses the integrated video card. This may be because the python interpreter does not require an external graphics card. You need to force which video card to use.


That’s actually a very good point.

My specific suggestion is that it may be worth looking at your graphics card’s settings-application, and seeing whether you can’t specify that it prefer the high-performance graphics card over the (guessed at) integrated one.

Ah good catch ! I checked and you guessed right.

Is it possible to detect if the Nvidia gpu is used by Panda3d on Python side ? Ideally I would like to run smoothly on both, and detect if it is running on chipset could be useful to enable a kind of degraded mode (disable stuff like multisamples, shadows…etc) and throw a warning.

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