Vec3.singedAngleDeg [SOLVED]

I have a situation where I need to turn a character toward a point in space. I want to be able to determine if it would be fastest to rotate the character left or right in order to point them in the correct direction. I don’t want to use lookAt because that makes the turning instant, and I’d rather increment it to smooth it out. I thought using the signedAngleDeg method of vectors would help me out with this, but I can’t seem to figure out how to use it correctly. It seems to take 3 vectors, first, the one you use the method from, second, the one you are measuring the angle to, and third, the one you’re looking down.

Right now I’m using (0,1,0) as both my initial vector and the one I’m looking down, since the character is always facing their own positive Y, but I never get negative results, which I would expect if sometimes counter-clockwise is the preferred rotation.

What am I doing wrong exactly?

I changed the reference vector to (0,0,1) and now I get positive and negative results. Is this how it’s supposed to be used?

That sounds right.