Vanseige Alpha 1: A complete noob learns Panda3d

Hello everyone. I have no idea what I’m doing.

Well… mostly. I know how to program, if only in a sloppy primative way. Most of my experience has been with LAMP webpages such as my, but I’ve never done 3D graphics in my life.

So I’m here. I’ve downloaded
Chicken 1.0And… I’m stuck. The great fear of the blank page has hit me. So, here’s what I want to do in the short term.

Vanseige Alpha 1:
I want to display a actor in a grassy field. Eventually I’ll have lots of low poly actors in a large field but for now one guy standing in a field doing nothing. What’s the best way to generate an n by n grassy field? Nothing fancy, just very very simple. Do I simply model it in Blender and load it in?

Well, you’ve got a good idea for a first project.

The actual project you talk about has been done. By this I mean, you can look at this code to help you out as you build your own way. For my part you’re welcome to copy any code you want.


Code: … v65.tar.gz
Models: … v59.tar.gz

Chombee’s is more developed, probably a lot easier to read, etc. He built it to test out some AI commands/collision avoidance, etc. I build mine more to do what you’re doing.

Here’s a screenshot of mine.

Now to answer questions. Yes, you can model everything in Blender. I did for the actors. For generating the field itself I used panda’s Heightfieldtessalator. Lots of people on the forums tend to not use it in favor of their own design for terrain generation, but I liked it- it’s powerful and provided what I wanted. So I wouldn’t model the terrain in blender, although you can if you want.

I honestly have no idea how to generate terrain, so any tips and guides you can point me to would help. I’m not sure if it helps, but my plan is to eventually have large maps with lots of teeny tiny (low poly) guys running around a-life style and they’ll need to do minor modifications to the terrain. ((cut grass, harvest plants and trees, shovel snow, dig tunnels into mountains) but that can happen way later.

To generate terrain, this might help you out:

It provides LOD and an easy way to deform terrain as well.