using .x animations in Pview

First of all,I’d like to say that I have looked at a few 3d engine scriptable with Python, and Panda3d seems to be the best!!LOving it!

Anyways…my question concerns pview.I want to preview my .x animations(from Blender) using pview.I’m getting the models to load fine now(AFTER REMOVING ALL THE “.” FROM THE NAMES OF ALL THE MESHES,TEXTURES,etc in the .x files!!!just figured this out)Pview won’t load the animations when I start pview.It says in the manual that I have to load the file “pview mymodel.egg myanimation.egg”.So…the question is .how do I split of the animation section from the .x file.If I figureout where i screwed up myself,I’ll write back and apologize for wasting everybody time,but any help is useful

Here is what works for me:

  1. For each animation in blender, export to a separate .x file (so I might have monster_run.x, monster_jump.x, and monster_fall.x)

  2. convert them all to egg files

  3. run ‘pview monster_run’ or ‘pview monster_jump’

The one problem with this is that the animation .egg files all contain a copy of the mesh. It still seems to work, although it is likely not very efficient.

Thanks for the help from the board.The last post helped me realize my mistake(i think).What I didn’t realize was when I exported the animations,I was exporting a separate file different from the meshes.A simple mistake,but one that would have taken a while to figure out if someone hadn’t pointed it out.If it still doesn’t work,I’ll post back.

FWIW, it’s easy to strip the mesh out of an egg file after the fact. I’m not sure if there’s an automated way, but it should be possible to just strip out the model section.

If you got your model and animation in the same file, you can pass two time the name to pview (once as model file, once as animation file)…