Using Ppanda on Linux

hi guys!

I’m finishing my Virtual Visit, and now I need to package my aplication in an installable. In windows it’s easy to obtain an Wizard Installation using Ppanda, but in Linix (specially in ubuntu) what can I do, to obtain an .deb or only an execitable??? It’s too with Ppanda??? :question:

packpanda should be available for linux in the latest panda-version. at least i have packpanda on my system (running ubuntu,too)

Oh yeah! I have packPanda in my ubuntu too, but when I’m trying to use it, it inly gives me a windows wizard as result, and I need an ubuntu intalable or an executable to ubuntu,

it’s that posible with Ppanda?

Packpanda is able to make linux ready packages (at least 1.60 and up if I’m not wrong), have a look at in direct/directscripts inside your panda installation. You can search the part where O.S. is discriminated and investigate what is wrong. In the worst case you can copy and run the linux part directly.

mmm I’m confused,

First, Tryin to packge to windows, This message is the result

And then, I can’t find in the .py code, where can I choose between making an Windows Wizard and Making a .deb or .rpm

Help, Please!

You can’t.
If you run packpanda on an .rpm-based system, you’ll get an .rpm. If you run it on a .deb-based system, you’ll get a .deb. If you run it on Windows, you’ll get an .exe.