using packpanda with several folder

Hi, I’d like to know if it’s possible to use packpanda with a program which used code in several folder. For example :

- code
|    |
|    ---mygame (folder which contain game files)
|    |
|    ---mylib (folder which contain library files, the link is made by a pth in site-packages)
-- myresource (contains all meshes)

The problem I have is, after using packpanda, resource in myresources folder aren’t add in the package. And file from mylib neither.


I believe you just need to add a single parent folder between C and your folders


Yeah, I already tried this little trick for testing and it solves the problem in this simple case. But the problem is, if the “myresources” or “mylib” folder is on another hdd, it can’t works anymore.

I also have another problem. With the rmdir option, I can remove a directory from the package. But is it possible to specify only one directory, and avoid to remove all the diretory which have the same name ?
For example, I want to only remove the mesh folder in game directory and keep mesh folder in code directory :

  |- mesh
  |- code
      |- mesh

And a last question. Packpanda include his own python in the exe. Is there a possibility to specify another python path instead ? Cause I don’t use panda’s python for my program and external library (like pygtk) aren’t added in the package (they aren’t in site-package of panda’s python but in site-package of python2.4).


I hate to say it, but packpanda doesn’t handle the cases you want. It was mostly designed as a simple solution for people who just want a quick-and-easy way to pack up a game. You’d have to extend it to get the functionality you suggest.

On a personnal view, in order to be sure that your installation is self contained (ie python delivered include all you required libraries ) and safe contained (does not interfer with other python installation),
i would keep the panda Python and simply copy paste your libraries into panda python site package when creating the pack…

My own 2 cents…