Using maya2egg on Linux

This is info which is in other threads, but I just wanted to recap it in one place so it’s easier to find. For my own benefit as much as anything, because I forgot all of this already in the last month!

Versions: this is for panda built from cvs as of 12/08. I’m writing this up because I’m on a new Kubuntu laptop, installed panda from a .deb, and completely forgot how I made maya2egg work on my main dev machine.

kubuntu 8.10, i386, on a macbook pro

(Say, where did I get this .deb from?? it says it is 1.6.0. Is that one I built myself … ? Is maya2egg included in the 1.5.4 versions on the download page? note to self - start keeping better notes … )

  1. if you get this error:
maya2egg2008: /usr/autodesk/maya2008/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.9' not found (required by maya2egg2008)

then you need to hide some of Maya’s included libs, so that the normal ones will be used instead:

cd /usr/autodesk/maya/lib
mkdir HIDE
mv libstdc++* HIDE
mv libgcc* HIDE
  1. if needed, set the maya location:
export MAYA_LOCATION /usr/autodesk/maya

and that did the trick.

  1. a small edit for MayaPandaTool.mel :

You may find that the controls in the Animation Options frame aren’t laid out correctly; the “start frame” and “end frame” inputs and the “full range” / “custom range” radio buttons are on top of each other, instead of being spaced nicely in the frame.

Here’s how to fix that:

Change line 263 in MayaPandaTool.mel from

text -label "\n\n\n";


text -label " \n \n \n";

those three newlines are meant to position the start/end frame inputs underneath the two radio buttons, which are positioned with absolute positioning later on in the script. in Linux those are apparently ignored, but if you put a space between them, then it works.

I just had a horrible flashback … it’s 1999 and I’m inserting spacer GIF’s and  's into a table layout or something …

Any other linux & maya people, let me know if it works for you too, or not.

That deb probably came from me. :slight_smile: I regularly compile an 1.6.0 deb from the cvs trunk because several people request it. (Maya on linux isn’t yet working on 1.5.4.)

I’ve checked in your change for MayaPandaTool. We really ought to find a way around the glib error. At least we need to document it at the manual.