Using C++

I appologise if this has been asked before, but is there a tutorial section which explains how to get panda set up and working so I can use C++ instead of python. Thanks.

Sorry, no, but if you’re already comfortable in C++ you should be able to download the source and find it readable. It’s mostly pretty well structured and well-documented internally.

If you’re looking for instructions to get into your build environment, follow the instructions for building Panda yourself, either INSTALL-PP or INSTALL-MK. Once you have built it using your own compiler, then you can build your own applications, using the header files and .lib files that you just built. Look to the code in pview.cxx for an example program to get you off the ground.


Here’s a link to the quick tutorial I wrote in the forum for getting Pview Compiled in VS 2003 against the panda .dlls. It’s a bit old, but it has all the relevant details you need to get started.

Since doing this, I haven’t actually tried using the c++ interface much, but as far as I can tell the api for python and c++ are very similar (Except the c++ api doesn’t include some nice stuff that the python api has like Actors and directgui). Once you have the pveiw shell compiled you should be in a position where you just have to learn how to use panda, which the available documentation addresses pretty well.