using bullet? [SOLVED]


I am using panda sdk 1.7.2, and I wish to use bullet physic engine.
When I try the samples in the hello world bullet manual page, my program failed :

ImportError: No module named bullet

Is there a prerequisite to activate bullet module?

You need to use the latest buildbot release to use the Bullet support.

OK thanks.
As it was in the manual, I thought it was on the native 1.7.2.

I am downloading last buildbot.


New release of panda is using python 2.7?

The latest buildbot Windows SDK is compiled with Python 2.7.

It does some bad effects on my game.

I am using Cegui, and mysqldb. the mysqldb doesn’t support python 2.7 but 2.3-2.6, and 3.0-3.2…
I have to found another mysql connector.