Using animations and object behaviours correctly


After importing a jump animation, I noticed that the object in Panda is not really following it! If my object jump from a location A to an other location B, moving the object afterward will start moving it from A.

Some may say : “Once the animation is over, change the loc of the object as B!” And this is what I actually did :slight_smile:
But I don’t think this is a good way to handle futur events like collisions and other things I didn’t think about…

Am I right ?
Is there a nicer way to do ?
Or should I calculate the whole jump action with Panda ?

Most people solve this problem by creating the jump animation in-place (the character bends his feet and swings his arms, etc., but doesn’t actually move), and then actually move the character through his jump arc in Panda.

Of course, it totally depends on the nature of your game. If you’re not going to be jumping up and grabbing stuff or anything–if the actual shape of the jump arc isn’t important to the game itself–then the solution you have hit upon is absolutely valid.