Using Actor to load model

Hello for all…
I have a static model (.obj) so I import it to blender to add armature and make it animated…then I exported it in .egg format
now I want to put it in a panda3d project…lets said that the animated model which I exported is called (“winnie.egg”)
so I have to use


the first argument (which I put underlined dots in it) should be the model path, so what is that model??..and how to create it in blender??

I tried to put the original static winnie after exporting it also in egg format be it gave me an error
any help please??

for animating your character in blender and exporting them corretly see this tutorial:
for importing it in panda you can find help here
or in one of the numerus samples which come with your panda installation

Yeah… that worked very well with me after watching the youtube video
Thank you so much for your help