Using a camera from a 3D program in Panda.

Can I export a camera from my 3D program into panda and have panda use that camera?

You can export the node that contains the camera, and in Python code you can attach your camera to that same node, so that it’s facing the same direction. You can even animate that node (though there are some caveats).

But lens properties, etc., are not converted through the egg format. You’ll have to reset those in your Python code, if you want them to match the lens properties of your 3D package’s camera.


Thanks for the help but how do assigh things as nodes and what exactly do you use nodes for? I’m new to making anything other than static models and while I’ve been working through a lot of tutorials to figure out how to do thing I havent found out much info on nodes besides that they’re markers.

Thanks for any help in advance you guys have been very helpfull.

I’ve been trying to do something like this, but haven’t been able to do it properly.

When you export something from 3ds max as an actor (with a bone) and use it as an animation, you can’t just reparent the camera to that actor; the camera will just stand where the actor started and the actor makes his animation regardless. I may have to connect to some sub object or export it differently, but how? I tried getChild(0), but it gives me a NoneType. Is the answer somewhere in joints?