anyone please kindly tell me…why all function in maya cannot load into panda3D???

my bind skin or material or passive rigid body or so on…it can just load the model that made from NURBS only…so do the animation…

what should i do??
i need to finish by 2morow…how can it possible? :cry:

I have no idea, never used maya, but i have to ask you one thing…
Could you PLEASE name your topics in a more sensible(i think thats the word) manner?

So for example you could name this one “Loading maya functions in panda3d”

I don’t really understand your question. Some of your Maya materials are lost in the conversion? Or is it the surfaces themselves?

Only polygons and NURBS are supported by maya2egg. If you have any other kind of implicit surface, you’ll have to convert them to polygons first. (And, for that matter, it’s probably best to convert any NURBS to polygons first too, since only polygons are directly supported by 3-D hardware.)

As for materials, only the phong shader is supported by maya2egg. Anything fancier than that can’t be directly supported by 3-D hardware either, unless you write a custom shader to do it; but the converter can’t write that shader for you.