urgent help with eclipse

since i updated the pydev, my complete code looks bloody (red marked), or parts of which are related to panda. the code is running, but its horrible to watch it. where do i have to set the panda variables for eclipse? im using ppython as my python interpreter, which comes along with panda. but how can i get rid of those none-error errors (red mark)?

sorry for this noob question, but i never had this before and i cant find any quick solution!

here a screen shoot of this red wholed cheese code:


Go to Window->Preferences and from the tree on the left select PyDev->PyDev Extensions->Code Analysis.
Go to the Undefined tab and insert


These are my settings, but maybe you’re using different features, so Add your own “bloody” undefined names.

thank you :slight_smile:

cool - now everything looks so much less red :slight_smile: