Upload 2 manual : Permission denied ?

I got this when uploading pic to the manual :

Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: Permission denied in /KNOPPIX/usr/share/mediawiki1.7/includes/GlobalFunctions.php on line 1574
Could not copy file "/tmp/phpd0OsZu" to "/var/lib/mediawiki1.7/images/e/ea/LaunchMPT.jpg".

I just have simple addition to “converting from Maya” section :

Actually, there is a very convenient way to open the MayaPandaTool wrapper, using Maya shelf to store the MEL script.
[1] open the Script Editor :
Window > General Editors > Script Editor
[2] load the MayaPandaTool MEL script :
File > Open Script
[3] select the MEL text (press Ctrl+A)
[4] using middle mouse button, drag the selected text onto the shelf
[5] (optional) using Shelf Editor, you can change the image of Panda exporter icon to distinguish it from the others.

Anytime you need to open the Panda Exporter, just click the icon on the shelf.

For Windows users :
If you want a faster launch, you can put the MEL file on the QuickLaunch.
Press Ctrl while dragging the MEL file onto QuickLaunch bar. If you don’t press Ctrl, the actual file dropped to QuickLaunch is only the shortcut to the MEL file.
Anytime you need to open the Panda exporter, just drag it from QuickLaunch bar to the 3D window of Maya.

It was a file permissions problem, caused by migrating to the new server. Try it now.