Updating one of the sample models

Hi there!

First off, I’m new to Panda3D and have been super impressed with the level of documentation and community support.

I was going through some of the samples (here) for the Bullet physics engine when it came to my attention that the car model in the 18_Vehicle.py example has a big confederate flag on it. Needless to say, symbols like that shouldn’t be in an introductory example!

I don’t have the 3D modeling know-how to remove it from the model and submit a pull request. But I want to bring this to the attention of the community in case somebody can.


Do you mean there is a mistake in the model and you want to fix it?

Where? There is no Bullet Vehicle example afaik in panda3d/samples at master · panda3d/panda3d · GitHub

He means from these samples:

Here, I removed the flag. Anybody could replace the file now.

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May I ask, why do you even want to remove the flag? It is not causing any problem.

Thanks for bringing this up. We did not know that flag was there when we uploaded the samples. We have no intent of promoting political messages in the sample programs. I have just uploaded a new version of the bullet samples.


Great – thanks for taking the time to update it @rdb and @Simulan !