Updates while Window is being moved

I’m trying to update the properties of a secondary window (made with Python for .NET) based on the attributes of the Panda window. In particular, I’m having trouble with updating the secondary window’s position while the Panda window is being moved. Tasks don’t seem to update until after the user releases the window. I’ve also tried python threads, but (strangely) they also seem to block while the window is being moved, so the window position is only retrieved after the window is released.

Has anyone done this sort of thing before? Is there a way to retrieve the window’s code during, and not after, the window’s movement?

i would say:
why would you want todo this?

sorry not very constructive.

Hmm… Well… Maybe use the .NET textbox when the IME input doesn’t work on DirectEntry… Just a thought… :wink:

There are other reasons as well. Tool development, for example. You may not want your control panel to obstruct the view, and prefer a set of controls that are more flexible and better documented (like Tkinter or .NET).

Or are you referring to getting the window position?

While the window is being moved, the operating system pauses the entire application. So we have no chance to respond to any events, because no events are being sent, and in fact the application is not even getting any CPU cycles.

This is only true under Windows. The situation is different on Linux and OS X. On those operating systems, it is possible to respond to events while the window is being moved.


I see… does window signal an event when the user begins to drag the window? What about when the user stops? If so, how may I retrieve it from Panda?


Okay, I can catch window events, but I don’t seem to have a way to identify the specific window event I caught. Also, an event only fires when I release the window, and not when I begin dragging it. Might mouse events be an alternative to determine when a user begins to drag the window around?