unsupported bam file version

I am getting this when trying to load a certain model.
The error is clear, i was just wondering what would be an easy fix, preferably not involving having to install some expensive app to convert the bam.

.bam models are restricted to a specific major version of Panda3D. You can’t use 1.6 bams with 1.7, or vice-versa.

thanks for the help, I guess i understand what you mean, however it doesn’t really help…

I have some .bams from older archives so the .egg is not available to remake the bam’s, so I need a method to access these old .bam’s

moreover, I am on 1.7.0, what you are saying is that the compatibility is broken even going up in the version chain?

You can install an old version of Panda3D, use bam2egg, and install the new version of Panda3D again.
In general, you should always keep a copy of the original file so that you won’t run into these problems.