unix script error help

here is the error code
Starting Toontown Online Retro…
Username: ttiUsername

/Users/(name of me)(hide to be annoynmous)/Downloads/ToontownWorld/ToontownInfiniteRetro/start_game.sh: line 16: 3053 Segmentation fault: 11 python ToontownStart.py
usage: sleep seconds

ok new error
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “ToontownStart.py”, line 7, in
from otp.settings.Settings import Settings
ImportError: No module named otp.settings.Settings
usage: sleep seconds
why cant it get the file?

nvm fixed :slight_smile:

cant connect to my game help!
:OTPClientRepository(warning): Lost connection to gameserver.
:OTPClientRepository(warning): Lost connection to server. Notifying user.
:downloader(warning): Unix error code: 0

[2014-10-24 16:49:48] SECURITY: Client (, 1000000060): Ejecting
client (108): Message type 24 not allowed prior to authentication.

Hi! Sorry for necroposting :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone know how to fix this last issue mgracer posted? Pretty sure it’s related to Panda3D Version & Astron. I am having this error as well and unsure how to fix it :confused:

:PiratesClientRepository(warning): Server is booting us out (108): Message type 24 not allowed prior to authentication.