Universal Binary

Hello again, Panda Forum!

I still have trouble building panda, this is why i wanted to know if there are UNIVERSAL MAC BINARIES for panda 3d, possibly with sound support. Has anyone managed to build them or is OSX support just not that elaborated? We are working on a 3d DVD and want to make a distributable DVD with panda, for PC and Mac.

Regards, Gogo.

I don’t know if this is related, but might be helpful:
discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php … highlight=

gogo yes we have one i just need to push on Silence to release it! It has sound (openAL and fmod) and shader support.

can you give an estimate how long the community would have to wait for a release? a universal binary would definitively boost pandas success remarkably. i hope that the libraries are also useable with py2app (the have to accepted by install_name_tool to be relocatable…). please release the universals soon!!!
congratulations on making them.


i have no clue, Silance just vanished i want him back more then you do.