Unaffiliated Off-topic Panda3d Discord Server

Hello Panda3D people,

I recently got a small unaffiliated discord server going for panda3d.

The official discord server is amazing, with tons of really cool people and great support, and by no means is this one meant as a replacement. But the official server is also a very respectable, professional place where off-topic, non-panda3d discussion is often discouraged. The small portions of off-topic banter are still loads of fun and panda3d people often seem to have common interests.

So a more general, fun, friendly, unaffiliated server that won’t get in the way of panda3d’s maintainer’s time seemed like a really cool idea. I’m also very curious what kind of dev-teams and games could form through this type of interaction.

Hope to see you soon!

There is now a bridge between this discord server and the ##panda3d channel on freenode. So irc users can now join in on the chatter as well!

Little bump here if that’s alright. The server is still going and it’s loads of fun! Jooooiiin uuus!

Annual bump time. We’re still alive and kicking and having loads of fun and making the best of friends in a small but tight-knit community for game making adventurous special times forever!

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