Unable to find a newly created egg file

Hello All,

I’ve added a custom collision Node option to the scene Editor.
With this option you can select a egg file and choose a tag like .
Then my system process the source egg file and add the tag to group and save it to source_tag.egg file.
Then my system try to load the new egg file and never manage to find it.

error msg is :

:loader(error): Couldn't load file E:/WG/Panda3d/models/smiley_barrier.egg: not
found on model path (which is currently: ".;/e/WG/panda3D/etc/..;/e/WG/panda3D/e

however typing E:/WG/Panda3d/models/smiley_barrier.egg in command prompt does edit the smiley_barrier.egg file.

Also i do close the new .egg file before trying to load it
by doing


(where dest is the file handle used to write the file to the disk)

I would be interrested by any hint concerning this issue…

Ok i’m still searching.

What i’ve found is the following :

  • if instead of loading directly my newFilename, i open a tkfilebrowser, i can find the file box_barrer.egg in the browser but loading fail with exactly same error message.

  • if instead of loading via loader.loadModel, i send a message to ask dataholder (known as AllScene in the SceneEditor.py) to load it, it works
    ie it load the box_barrier.egg as any other model.

So i don’t understand why dataholder is not limited by path issue.

This would be nearly ok for me but i don’t want to have the box_barrier.egg loaded as a model but as a collision node.
i dont want this hierarchy:
ModelRoot3--------PandaNode------CollisionNode box
--------GeomNode bboxLines

but this one
--------GeomNode bboxLines
------CollisionNode box

ModelRoot2 is the node i want to add my barrier.egg collision model on.
ModelRoot3 is the non wanted node created when i use the message to load the barrier.egg collision model.


PS: the benefit of such modification is to allow to choose any egg file as a collision node for another one.

Main usage is making low polys version of arena, wolrd and so on to use them as precise but less costly collision node.