Unable load model and install chicken(.egg)

I am new to panda3d ,when I was learning to use it I faced this prob.

I have blender 2.46 on ubuntu 8.10,I downloaded and unzipped the latest chicken pack into .blender/scripts with 777 permission for all files.

I can’t see the chicken(.egg) option in export of blender.

Also Export to .x and the using it in panda program gives unable load model error.

The sample programs run well.

please help,I cant move forward without loading model.

The .x importer is broken in 1.6.1.
But probably you will want to use chicken, since it’s a lot more powerful.
Did you restart blender after you extracted the scripts? Also are they in the correct place?
For me, I extracted the chicken files in /home/pro-rsoft/.blender/scripts/. Don’t forget to extract the entire zip (so that the files in scripts/bpydata and bpymodules are in the correct place too!)

Thanks for quick reply,now I can export .egg :smiley:

It seems just extracting in scripts directory is not enough,I had to place chicken_interface.py file in ~/.blender/scripts/bpymodules/ with executable permission.Your hint of placing files in right places helped.