UI options for Panda

What are people using to develop in-game GUIs for their Panda projects? I’ve found the aspect2d sub-system to be very limited in capabilities and difficult to work with.

I’ll be needing a fairly full GUI with movable/resizeable windows, complex data entry forms, tabular and graphical data visualisations and more. Creating all that from scratch – or even building it up from what’s available from Panda’s aspect2d stuff – seems like a lot of wheel reinvention :wink:

Does anyone know of any existing GUI rendering/management libraries which integrate with Panda? Or have other suggestions?



Do it the other way round: “integrate” Panda3D in your favorite GUI lib. This is possible since Panda3D 1.4.0 via WindowProperties.setParentWindow(). See here for a wxPython example:



That’s not really what I’m looking for; I need to embed a UI into a game, not embed a game into a UI. I need something that can be given a look-and-feel consistent with the game universe for dialogs, character interactions, etc.


there isnt any… i am writing my own. I will post it on here as i get done.
But dont count on me!