UFO Invaders - A game for learning Panda 3D

Hi guys, currently I am doing this project, a simple action game titled UFO Invaders, my purpose with this it to learning Panda doing sometihing with it, there are several months that I am trying to learn the engine, reading the manual I read the entire manual, searching on the foruns, seeing source codes, and reading and experimenting the samples programs, this is my way of learning panda, and I can say that this is being a very good eperience.

The project is in a too early stage, but I want to complete it.

Some screens:

Exporting the space bus model from blender

The space bus model in blender

The UFO model being exported and running in panda with panda viewer

The source being edited with pype and being tested running the program

The most recent screen

Suggestions and commentaries are welcome!

HI there :wink:

Great to have you onboard using and learning panda, and what you have so far is a great start , and its really good to see you using the crossplatform open source blender3d , as I use it as well as do many here .

Look forward to your progress and the best of luck to you :slight_smile:


hi Marcc3d welcome aboard

Your project looks really promising and I guess your path to learn and work with Panda3D is very on the spot so keep up like this.
I hope you’ll share with us your experience and code here as much as we are used to. Don’t know if you still passed by so I would point you out this game by mavasher that is actually the best space game you’ll find here where you maybe could find useful ideas.

@neighborlee - Thank you

@astelix - Thank you for the suggestion I am already downloading the game to study the source code, I have a lot to learn yet.

Nice work! The screenshots look great. I have a question, what resolution texture and type of geometry are you using for your skybox? Is it a skydome/sphere or a box?

Can’t wait to see what the final product looks like! What you’ve got so far looks aweomse.

@aurilliance - Thank you, I am using a skydome with a texture of 512 x 512, the sky is scaled to cover the whole world and is updated with the cam position.

Marcc3d. Haha, you’re welcome. Skydome with 512x512 eh? I shall have to look into skydomes / boxes again - I seem to have a history of not being able to get them to look good, no matter what config / resolution I use :confused:

</aurilliance taking over Marcc3d’s post>

Talk more about the skybox process, please !