UDP framework

Do Panda have some kind UDP framwork that do stuff like:

  • Serialize objects
  • Package tracking/ack (keeping track of lost packages etc)
  • Package fragmentation and reassembly

I found something about Distributed Networking that seems to do some kind of serialization of objects but the documentation is very poor. Any feedback appreciated.

Other than the poorly documented distributed networking panda doesn’t offer anything. You can either write your own or use a library like enet.

Actually, I thought the lower level connection/datagram system might handle such things. I’ve never tried to use it with UDP though, but I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these things were there.

I use enet, though I liked Panda’s datagram stuff, it was much easier to use, but lacking a few features enet has. However enet doesn’t handle serialisation, you have to do that yourself.