Ubuntu PPC version exists?

Did anyone port panda3d for powerpc version of ubuntu gutsy?that would be just awesome.

no, but you might be able to build it.

The ppc version of ubuntu gutsy works on a PlayStation 3.And works pretty good.Though the Cells power isnt used by full the benchmark tests are good.I havent done any C++ coding,so I cant port it.Maybe a year later…

do you have openGL acceleration? It might compile smoothly but i would not count on it.

Microsofts xbox 360 console uses directx,sonys ps3 console uses something called PSGL,which is a modified version of OpenGL ES 1.0.Probably wont work…

i wouldn’t worry about the fact that the ps3 uses modified opengl es

there is no HARDWARE 3D acceleration on the ps3 but its got a few fast processors

So that means?..

only few frames per second and no fancy grafics

What?You kidding right?Well if it wont use the other processors than no wonder…