Ubuntu 10.10 installation

I am new to Ubuntu. What shall be the codename for the installation =>
deb-src ppa.launchpad.net/panda3d/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main
I tried meerkat but it said the package cannot be found.
Thank you !

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/panda3d/ppa/ubuntu maverick main

thank you rdb.

Now I try to get panda3d-runtime, it said:
libtinyxml2.5.3 (>=2.5.3-3) but it is not installable

I don’t know. Maybe you could post the full error message?

Or you could always try the latest daily version, maybe that will work. Add this:

deb http://archive.panda3d.org/ubuntu/ maverick-dev main

…get another error about libssl0.9.8 (>=0.9.8m-1) …

well, I gave up. Not even able to install 1.7 SDK…missing libcvl (OpenCV library ?).
Obviously it is for more advance users.

Uh, are you sure you’re using Ubuntu Maverick, and added the right repositories?

Perhaps you need to enable more components (like ‘universe’) in your package manager?

I am not sure. The latest is Maverick, right ? It is a bit frustrated. …

I will try later the ‘universe’ suggestion.

Open System > About Ubuntu. That’ll show you your Ubuntu version.

You definitely need to make sure that all repositories are activated. You can use Synaptic and select the Repositories… option. It should be the first tab.

…It turns out that I am using lucid, not something else.
Thank you for your help. I am too stupid.

But why not giving a more intelligent script for the installation procedure ?

Anyway, I got the SDK up and running well. Performance seems a bit better on Linux. But I find that the ray effect of the fish demo in demomaster is quite different from that in Windows. Due to version 1.7 ? … not sure.

The web runtime, I got it installed too. But I find 2 demos in the forum to test it out, both of them give me a blank screen. Bad luck or wrong installation ? Not sure.

Since I am more interested toward Android development, it is too bad that I have to give up Panda3D. It would be very nice to see panda to support Android one day.

I’ve looked into porting Panda to the Android, I just don’t own an Android phone myself.

It is very important to support Android in the coming years.
Would it be more than porting for Panda3d to have a future in Android ?
I can see a more natural migration for jme but not panda3d. Do you have an idea of this migration to make it competitive against other engine ?