I’m doing some interrogate stuff and something looked odd to me. I see that TypeHandle::output is being published with it’s ‘ostream &’ parameter. But I’m not sure this is actually meaningful outside of C++. Is it possible to reasonably call this in Python? (or by extension any other scripting language?) Or should this be moved out of the published block?


Hi there!

Yes, it is possible to construct or obtain an ostream in Python code (eg. StringStream, or Notify.out()), so there is a theoretical use in calling this from Python. Though it doesn’t add much in this specific case since one can just use handle.name instead. :slight_smile:

Interrogate also has some special code to register a str() or repr() based on the result of methods like output() and write(). Off the top of my head, I’m not entirely sure whether that requires it to be published. A cursory check shows that a lot of Panda classes have this method marked as published.

Okie dokie, I’ll figure out how to get that wired up.

I forgot about the Notify.out() case. Which does make some sense.

Ah! I see, it’s when interrogating dtoolutil. Ok I had been doing a handful of manual test runs and didn’t include that.