Two Questions

I have two questions:

  1. I have used the Polyset descend tag in Blender for collisions, which works well. However, when I try to do Polyset keep the collisions don’t seem to work.

  2. How do I use the Collada2Egg program?


Similar question. I tried to convert a dae to egg using:

dae2egg boxSimple.dae box.egg and the app quit with:

AppName: dae2egg.exe AppVer: ModName: msvcr90.dll
ModVer: 9.0.30729.4148 Offset: 000734d8.

(Using XP Pro)

The dae was the simple blender box exported out of Blender 2.53 beta. I also tried to import the dae straight into Panda using:

self.environ = self.loader.loadModel(“models/HellsKitchen/area/boxSimple.dae”) and Panda quit.

One giant leap forward for Blender one small step backward for Panda. Any chance we can have a discussion of how we may best proceed.

use last snapshot build of panda and you will be able to load collada from blender fine.


I tried the latest build and it will not import a Collada model exported from Blender 3.5 correctly. The animation is gone, the color is messed up, half of the model is missing and the mesh is out of place.

Could someone please explain the Blender tag I need for collision on a visible object?

you have applied all modifiers, haven’t you?
Also keep in mind, that the position of an object isn’T saved. All vertex positions are relative to the object center (indicated by a dot in blender).

I’m not sure with the collision tag thing - that should work. Note the precise meaning of what those tags mean however - ‘polyset descend’ means its a collision object, and all children are also collision objects, and that, as its the default, they should not be visible, whilst ‘polyset keep’ means just this object is a collision object, and not its children, but that it should not be hidden. Sure you don’t mean to use the tag ‘polyset keep descend’?

With regards to Collada there are a lot of issues right now, in regards to both export from Blender and import to Panda. I’ve been playing with it all, and submitting bugs in a bid to get it all working well, but for now its best to think of it as highly experimental. There has been quite a few improvements Blender side btw - when 2.54 comes out in the next day or so it will probably work a bit better. At least, I know of one bug I managed to get fixed, and the commit log shows a few others have been done as well:-)

One thing I will note however - currently importing a dae directly into Panda and using dae2egg then loading the egg behave differently, and have different bugs. I would stick to dae2egg - it seems more reliable in my experience, though I believe rdb is intending to make them precisely equivalent.

I fixed the first problem. It was polyset keep descend, though I don’t know why it did not work the other way.

I have no idea about the other problem though. I am sticking with Chicken for now. (And as long as its supported.)