Tutorials and simple game examples

This is my first post to this forum after studying abit the panda3d engine.

Im not a python expert but have some basic knowledge and im kinda good with some other programming languages like C++.

Aaand had some experience with some other game engines earlier.

I want to get my hands on panda3d now, but i need some more tutorials about the API and maybe some simple game examples that show the concept.

Could you give me a direction here?

hi and welcome to panda3d :slight_smile:

good places to start are the absolute beginner sticky here on the forum.
aswell as the manual (see the navigation bar above ↑).
for the api klick on the “reference” which is right besides the manual button.
also check the samples which are included with your panda installation. the easiest one would be the solar-system-example.