tube to tube collisions or another solution?

It looks like i need tube to tube collisions which are not implemented. What i am doing in my game is simulating lots of space ships. Each ship is simulated once per second creating a one second of path then i just lerp them along the generated paths. It looks like the the fluid collion thing only works by generating a segment. Again segment to segment collisions dont work because they have no thickness.

I have though about creating a extruded cross shape but again triangles cant collide with other triangles! Convert triangles to segments and collide segment triangles stuff? Too complex…

Is the only thing left is plop collision sphears along the 1 second of ship path?

What about just writing the math for a tube-tube intersection and integrating that in Panda3D’s collision system? :slight_smile: Are you up for that?

sure if i could figure out the math for tube to tube collisions…
i’ll look into that

guess that would the minimal distance between 2 line-segments.