TTW - game project

Hi im mgracer48
aka michael
i am one of the programmers of the project and also the co leader
if u want to join this contact me or Reese so yea thanks for applying if you apply
here is some gameplay … ZpPhPxn6Rl

BUMP anyone interested?

If there are any Python developers with a passion for the Toontown Legacy, please get in touch.


bump you’re on wrong forum.

Bump are there any web dev spots left.

Wow. Daviddave, missed that!
Good thing you applied through other channels. :slight_smile:

So I am new to Python but I am learning it so if that’s a problem I can try to learn faster or I could just not be in the group. But i could help if you need help.

Might need to say it is best to PM me and then it can go from there.
Private messages are email to me.