Trying to make Ralph jump

I am new to Panda. Currently I am doing a game based on the Roaming Ralph demo from and I want to make Ralph jump. May I know how do I make Ralph jump by using the physics engine? I had tried following the tutorial but i do not know how to approach it.

Any advice would be appreciated.


You are using Ode? If you are using Ode you can try this:
For me it was very usefull.

Hi, I have considered ODE before. But as I am still quite new to Panda, I wish to try it out with the built-in physics engine first

for jumping you dont need a physic engine. the jumping is easier to be done in code. any physic-book with a chapter about gravitation should provide you with the neccessary math.

physics engines are only usefull if you have very complex collisions. or if you have objects which show more complex physical behaving than just falling down and stop at the floor.
in case you really need physics i recommend ODE. i found it easier to use than panda’s building, thought that’s a personal statement.