Trouble combining Panda3D and Python file methods

For the life of mine I don’t understand how to combine Panda3D’s and Python’s file handling methods!

The matter is complicated by the fact that I am using ConfigParser from the standard library, which it seems is more selective than pickle.

I have:

from panda3d.core import getModelPath

from ConfigParser import SafeConfigParser
import pickle, os, re

def load_ini_data(dbname="shipdescs"):
	confp = SafeConfigParser()	
	inidir = getModelPath().findAllFiles("assets/ini/%s" % dbname)

But why does:

inidir.getFiles() # crashes?!

crash?! inidir is of type Result, and it must have the method getFiles.

Also, why do I have to apply horrendous preparation to the result, like:

# prints correctly: ["Filename.ini", "Filename2.ini", ...]

? OK, who cares, it works that way. More importantly, ConfigParser won’t read this file:

for inifile in os.listdir(str(inidir).strip()):
	file = open(str(inidir).strip()+"/"+inifile, "r")

However, ch’ing into the target folder in OS X and feeding the open command with a filename I know exists in the target folder works:

inifile = "Filename1.ini"
file = open(str(inidir).strip()+"/"+inifile, "r")

Notice that with pickle the same thing works:

dbfile = open(str(getModelPath().findFile("assets/python/dbpkl/%s.pkl" % dbname)), "r")
	dbdata = pickle.load(dbfile)
return dbdata

Anybode knows how to combine the Panda3D and Python methods appropriately? Somebody have a snippet using only Python’s methods?
This stuff is so simple compared to other stuff in my project I don’t get why it just won’t work.