hi to everyone.
i proudly announce the development of a new tree-generator for panda.
planned features are:
-grows trees depending on his environment.
-seeks light / grows around obstacles
-producing realistic-looking trees

so far i already have the seek/avoidance part to a working stage so i thought you might wanna have a look at it.
what you see is the result of a sunday spend with coding.
as you can see it removes dead-branches once in a while.

pro is helping me out with the actual geometry generation. but he’s quite busy. so until he has more free time i have to stick with sticks :stuck_out_tongue:

this is a very basic example, it does none of the following into account:
-weight of a branch
-branchin-rules (branching is pure randomness along the last branch )
and many more

smoothing the trunk is also missing at the moment. so it looks quite ugly.

small notice:
this tree generator is awfully slow. it can take 10 minutes to grow a tree. but when it’s finished i hope it will output tree’s which adapt to their environement in a realistic manner.
so if you plan to use it, make sure you generate it and save it afterwards. runtime-generation is out of question.
thought it would be ways easier but less accurate (speedtree/xfrog approach).

looks great, i am looking forward to it:)

This looks very interesting indeed to me, in light of a current project of mine - have you made any progress yet, if I may ask?

hm. i tried about 5 different approaches after that one. all ended up either beeing too difficult to tweak, or resulting in too non-nice structures.
i uploaded the code onto my webspace but seems like my provider currently has lots of trouble with that one. i think hypnos also was intrested in it and he might have the copy i uploaded. try to pm him. looks like he’s into generically stuff in general.

so unless my brain has a sparkling genious idea how to overcome the difficulty vs uglyness equation i most likely wont be able to do any serious work on it.

Aah, fair enough, and thanks.

It’s a pity that it didn’t get further; if I do decide that it might yet be useful, I might well contract Hypnos - thank you. :slight_smile: