Transparent Textured Sphere Not Working

Hi I have recently tried a very simple experiment with applying a texture of a world to a sphere and wanted to make the non-continent parts transparent/see through. I tried making the alpha color transparent in the non-continent parts in the texture using photoshop however when I load the texture and apply it to the sphere in panda I still don’t see transparency it is solid gray/black which is what its full alpha color is.

I tried already calling the model’s setTransparency method with TransparencyAttrib.MAlpha as the parameter. I also tried setting AlphaScale to 0.5 and that only dimmed the model(I currently have no lights except default lights in the scene in panda).

I was wondering if anyone knew if I had to do something extra to make transparency/see-through work?(or maybe if i’m making a common mistake of some kind)


what format is the texture in? tga? png?
try opening the file in photoshop again to check whether there are 4 channels in the file if it’s tga.
and in panda the texture may need a setFormat() call. you can search “setFormat” in the panda3D documentation -> reference. enums of texture format are listed in texture class.

It’s in png and It has 2 layers one with a black background and another with the foreground which has the countries/world. I set the background to have an opacity of 10% and I added an alpha channel that is completely black for each. I am guessing that maybe opacity is not the same as alpha in photoshop.

I will try the setformat call and set it to png.