Transparent objects over opaque ones

I’m using a textured plane for hair on my model and using an alpha texture to define the ends. It works when looking at it from one side, but from the other, the alpha fails. All of the pixels with an alpha <1 don’t show up, resulting in very ugly edges. This only happens when the transparent pixels are over the skin of the character, the pixels over the background are still fine.

I’m assuming this has something to do with draw order, but I have no idea how to solve it. … d_Blending

Thanks. Multisample mode makes the issue go away.

Is there some kind of quantification for what’s a “very high end” graphics card? My card is a few years old and there’s no noticeable drop in FPS by enabling this on my machine.

How much of a performance hit it is depends on which parts of your pipeline are heaviest. Also, older and/or integrated cards often have a limited number of available multisamples.