transparent material without texture

I need to render an object (from Blender) with following requirements :

  1. the object doesn’t have vertex color and texture applied
  2. it has transparent material (alpha < 1)
  3. completely no script is involved

Currently I’m trying it by extending chicken R91.
I’ve added " diffa {alpha-value}" to section, as it should.
The remaining problem is I have to tell P3D to render the object with transparency attrib.

I’ve tried these options :
A. adding " alpha {ON}" line to section. RESULT : the object is completely transparent when lit (gone).
B. breaking rule (1), by writing out dummy vertex color (1, 1, 1, 0.99). RESULT : correct as expected.

If there is any other possibility, I’d like to hear it.

Thanks in advance.

This was a minor bug in the egg loader; my apologies. Fix committed.

Actually, I think it should have recognized the diffa line as implying transparency all by itself; also fixed.


wow another bug is gone.

thanks, David !

While it works with fixed function pipeline, it doesn’t if autoshading is on.