transparency [solved]

how can i make an objekt 50% transparent? so you can see throught the object + see the object? thx … te_Changes


thx! :slight_smile:

if i set the transparency to 100%:

-> object isn’t shown:
does it need resources/is it usefull to do so if i don’t want to show an object, or should i replace it out of the window? whats better?

If you want to hide your object completely, the best way to do it is to simply detach it’s node. Otherwise it’s still rendered, as far as I know.

detaching may be a bit too much. that would kick out of of the current scene-graph which may not be desireable if you want to show it again.
if you want to hide a node. simply call


to show it again

i dont know if setAlphaScale automatically hides it if you pass 0 to it. you could test by doing yournode.isHidden()

Ah, forgot about those. Sorry for misleading.