Transformstate (solved)

Dear Forum,


1.) a List of 3D-Coordinates


    in one set of Cartesian Coordinates (relative to NodePath A )

2.) the Transformation of that Nodepath to ‘render’

and I’m looking for a way to transform this set into the coordinates of ‘render’.

and back again.

Background: tckp are the controlpoints of a Path (Spline) in Space this Path can be moved/rotated but after moving/rotating the whole Path I have to check Boundary Conditions only known in ‘render’ coordinates

Equivalent to that would be to transform my Boundary Conditions ( 4 Points and the Direction of Gravity ) into NodePath A coordinates

pls advise


Use render.getRelativePoint(nodeA, point) to transform point from the coordinate system of node A to the coordinate system of render.

Use render.getMat(nodeA) or nodeA.getMat(render) to return the relative transformation as a 4x4 transformation matrix.

THX worked like a charm!