just a trail generator for python. Trails can have textures/grow/slide. Now just need to implement that in c++ but surprisingly its fast enough for my uses.

Nice job, thanks for sharing.
I could actually use that to make some good looking engine-trails for my space ships… or at least adept your way of creating them for my needs.
That would save me the time of creating one effect (out of a list of many) for my game.

i am using them in my space ship game. I will post updates as soon as i do more. I have changed the thing form vec’s to nodePaths. Any thing else that should be included?

This is really kewl, thanks for sharing!

Raytaller has something similar in C++:

wow i have seen the C++ trails before but forgot about them. I will remake it in C++ soon enough :slight_smile:

very nice !
a tiny suggestion :
you may want to use this instead :


since the node moved by mouseInterface is camera, so if you move around, the camera movement would be horrible.

Wow, really cool, thanks for sharing.

I have rewritten this sample to use the pyro system - ah much faster now…