Only if its a one page html document. i.e. no links to other pages that you have to go to and print out seperatel AND there is no css that uses floating sections that print over areas of text. I see that all the time on the web. To test just do a print preview in your web browser. If the preview comes out nicely formated with none of the text overflowing the margins it will print well and convert to pdf well.

For those interested, the tutorial is finished. I have requested web space at p3dp.com/ and am awaiting approval. As soon as that’s done, I’ll add the tutorial and post it on the forums. I’m pretty happy with how it came out, but I might be tweaking a couple of things while I wait for the web space, because I’m really obsessive compulsive. :slight_smile:

Just approved it. Check your mail.

Awesome, thanks! I’ll set this up now, I’ll post when it’s up! :slight_smile:

Still waiting for the link.

My wiki was created, but I cannot yet access my control panel or ftp - the wiki said this can take some time, so I’ll check back tomorrow and hopefully it’ll be up. Sorry for the wait.

My control panel and ftp still aren’t working. Has anyone else gone through this process?

What’s the issue with it? I can perfectly login, and, I can see at the panel that your space has been successfully setup and is ready to be used. What’s the exact problem you’re having?

If I click on the control panel from the top menu, I get a network timeout.

If I click on the control panel from this link:


I get to the login page, and it tells me my username or password is incorrect.

If i try to go to the ftp from:


It tells me I have an incorrect login error.

I’m using all the same info between here, my wiki login (which works fine) and the control panel/ftp.

Interesting. Try inserting the username as lowercase. Also, in case you’ve changed your password since activating, try your old password.

Weird. I had changed my password, so I tried lowercase for the name, and both passwords, nothing works. :confused:

Is there a way to just reset the password so we can rule that out if that’s not the problem?

EDIT: Also, another strange thing - the control panel link on the “getting started” page goes to: syscp2.p3dp.com/syscp/

While the link int the wiki menu goes to: syscp2.ppvh.net/syscp/

The first link gets me to a log in page (though my login doesn’t work), while the second just gives me a network timeout error.

Okay, I’ve just corrected the faulty menu link.
I’ll send you a new password per email.

EDIT: sent

Yes, thank you! Everything works great. I’m updating the post now with the new link.

Ok once again where is it?

Calm down, I made a new post for it. A quick browse through the “General Discussion” forum would have shown you my post:


Excellent tutorial! Maybe, would it be a good idea to include this in the manual?

The manual is a wiki. Click the tiny blue dot in the lower-left corner of the manual. That should take you to a page where you can register an account and login. Then, edit buttons will appear underneath the wiki pages.

Thanks! I was thinking that the DSP section in particular could be used (albeit shortened), because there’s nothing currently there. Maybe the others could just use the examples; I’ve found it helps a ton when there’s a small example program for something at the bottom of the page. This is especially true of the GUI section, of which almost every page had a great and simple example.

Thank you, I was wondering why everyone was saying it was a wiki! I’ll make that account today, and add in a shortened DSP lesson. :slight_smile:

Great, DSP is now featured in the manual. :slight_smile:

It’s pretty bare at the moment, I just wanted to get something in. But the full example is there, and a few specific explanations, so it’s at least a good start on working with the functions.

This also made me think: what about links to tutorials in the manual? Or references to sample programs? For instance, at the bottom of a page on, say, collision, there could be a small list “Collision Tutorials”, and then “Sample Programs That Deal With Collision”. I think it would be a great way to bring everything full circle, so you never feel like you hit a dead end; there’s always another reference to go to if one wasn’t what you were looking for.


Sounds like a great idea - we already do so for some pages using a “More information” section.

Thanks for getting that page started. Edited in some additional info and made the sample use one of the sounds in the panda distribution.