Seems like a great tutorial for ppl new to panda, loads of comments and clear code. Also, nice gfx and sound.

On the game side, I couldnt see anything happening when I tried shooting and the enemy craft disapeared on me. But since you presented it as a work in progress, gues thats not so bad.

Just a sugestion, might be easier for people to read through if you put your game objects (player, enemy) in seperate classes. Especially if the source gets bigger.

All together: Nice work!

I received an error when pressing Start:
“module” object has no attribute “radians”.
I figured (from ppython help) that math.radians is not defined, so I added this function:

def radians(self,deg):
       return rad

Assuming that radians was supposed to convert an angle in degrees to radians.
(exchanging all math.radians with self.radians in the code).
And it ran.

But nothing interesting seems to happen. No enemy craft, and no great flight.

I guess the code as is works fine for you and Yellow.
*Any suggestions as to what I should change?
*Is my assumption on the function radians correct?
*What is supposed to happen?


And btw. Good work making those examples. I am sure they are of great value to this community!

can you post a linux version, perhaps? :unamused:

hmm… my system doesn’t seem to recognise the sqx format…

ecaps.exe crashes on my win xp pro sp2 laptop. ibm t60p, dual core, 2gb ram. error message:

ecaps.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Please tell Microsoft about this problem…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>

figured as much. just thought i’d let ya know. thanks for the reply.