ToonTown level editor...

I remember seeing a level editor similar to what other game engines have for placement of polygon objects etc…

Is this no longer available? Or never available?

Or is the sceneEditor the replacement that is being built for it?

Hmm, guess no one responded to this one. Sorry 'bout that. :slight_smile:

We have developed a Toontown-specific level editor within the Disney VR Studio. It’s very specific to Toontown. It’s a custom application that uses Panda, but it was never a part of Panda, in the same way that Toontown itself is not part of Panda.

The CMU ETC team has designed a more generic Scene Editor program, which does serve many of the same purposes of our Toontown-specific level editor; so in some sense, yes, the Scene Editor replaces the Toontown level editor.


That’s ok David, better late then never :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the information. I saw the ToonTown editor in a Python presentation on Panda3d. Just looking for more examples with Panda I guess.