Too many sounds error [SOLVED]

My game is running fairly well now, and I’ve just rewritten my AI and started letting my AI characters shoot their guns. Upon doing so, I started getting some error spam in my console. Here’s the error:

:audio(error): _channel->set3DAttributes(): The specified channel has been reused to play another sound.

Right now I have 4 characters, all using the AI. Each character plays one 3D engine sound, and has 4 possible weapon sounds that are also 3D. One for each of the 3 guns firing, and one explosion sound when the big gun fires. All the guns can be fired at once, so at maximum, there can be 20 sounds playing at once.

I looked up the error on the forums here and all I’ve seen is that the error is related to there being too many sounds playing at once.

Each of the four characters uses its own 3D audio manager.

I’m using openAL audio, rather than FMOD, because FMOD is expensive for commercial products.

What is the maximum number of sounds that can play at once? Is there a way to increase this limit?

If not, does anyone have ideas on how to restructure my sound environment, so that I won’t have so many sounds playing at once? Right now each gun has its own sound, and the one big gun on each character creates an explosion, which also has its own sound.

I stand corrected. I recently switch which of my computers I was coding on, and I forgot to change the audio library I’m using in my config.prc when I installed Panda3D on the new machine. I switched it from FMOD to OpenAL and the problem went away, so apparently OpenAL allows more sounds to play at once. Handy.

Or at least, it doesn’t report an error when a channel is reused.