Tiny Display Driver

Does the Tiny Display driver work for iphones (or hand helds)? Just wondering… (panda 1.7.0)

Meet my new Panda3D star… Isn’t he cute?

No reason why it wouldn’t. Although for iPhone we obviously recommend the GLES renderer.

Are there any special precautions I should take if I should try to develop for a phone (E.g. texture sizes, vertice count, shader)?

How should I distribute a Tiny Panda application (as far as converting to a main.py)?

Are there Panda APIs for detecting phone key presses (for game controls)?

What about configuration settings?

Embedded systems are very limited in what they can do. You also have to choose between GLES and GLES 2; in the former case, you have no access to shaders, but in the latter case, you need to provide GLSL shaders for every object. (The shader generator does not support OpenGL ES at this stage.)

When we finish the iPhone and Android ports, the intent is that you’ll be able to run .p3d packaged games on the respective platform.