This Game! (crowdfunding campaign)

I’d like to invite everybody to take a look at my pitch at Indiegogo, and to maybe to donate a dollar or two if you think it’s worth it.

Looks good, but the texture flickering is really bad-- you should really consider enabling mipmapping and/or anisotropic filtering on your textures! Enabling mipmapping will make the game faster anyway.

Other than that, I’d personally tweak the light settings a bit to make the lighting look a bit more like outdoors daylight. Perhaps making your light colour a bit brighter and more yellowish, and your ambient light colour a bit more bluish.

It’s still work-in-progress, the lights will be tweaked, it’s part of a day-to-night system, the sun moves (you can see the shadows moving) but I didn’t yet set the color change so it’s kind of stuck at ‘dawn’.
I suppose anisotropic filtering is supported by most hardware these days, I’ll put than in as a default the next time I pack a demo.

Some progress was made. Now we’ve got:
-animated clouds
-context /radial menu
-bloom that doesn’t break when resizing and works with antialiasing
-antialiasing enabled by default
-anisotropic filtering for the terrain enabled by default
-day and night cycle
-loading screen
-music and sound effects
-(fake) particle effects

Here’s a random (and not very good) screenshot:

You can get the new demo here (as a p3d file in a zip):

By mistake I’ve packed one wrong file and there are some rocks/crates that you can walk over where you should not. It will be fixed in a day or so when I’ll make and upload a ‘pdeployed’ version.

There’s also a config.cfg file in there, feel free to edit it - if it runs slow, first reduce the density of grass (grass-density 0)